Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day 2022
Electrification - the pathway to the future!

Investment capital is increasingly moving to sustainable technologies. Learn more at the Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day 2022 by watching the broadcast. The 2022 was be a live event March 22 with possibility for investors to watch the pitches and presentations after the event.

Stockholm Innovation and Growth (Sting) together with the Swedish Energy Agency and many more partners are proud to present the broadcast from SSVD 2022.

We had 30 carefully selected and successful unlisted Sustaintech companies that presented their investment cases to leading Swedish and international investors and decisionmakers. This ranges from companies that work with hardware and/or digital solutions or indirectly contribute to CO2 emission reductions and meeting the SDG’s.

The SSVD 2022 programme made a deep dive into the electrification transition as this is one of the enabling shifts towards a more sustainable future. How is the industry changing and where are the investment opportunities? Investors are looking for disrupting solutions and we provide insights, statistics, success cases and companies that show rapid sales growth and have matured beyond seed investment stage – from A round level companies to much larger companies in a variety of Sustaintech sectors. We were very pleased to offer a hybrid event available for real physical meetings and now also available through streaming.

Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day 2022

Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day is a unique opportunity to see presentations from carefully selected sustaintech companies and listen to interesting speakers.

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