Selected companies

The Sweden Sustaintech venture day 2021 have mature startup companies with a strong position in their respective markets. The selection criteria for the pitching companies are that they must have a basic business that is sustaintech (sustainable technology regardless of industry with some type of tech component) and that it is a fast-growing company and is scalable. Rapid sales growth and scalable business models have been prioritised in the company selection. After a period of strong sector growth a range of successful Swedish Sustaintech companies are ready for faster expansion both nationally and internationally.

More than 30 companies will present their investment cases during Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day 2021. Here you will findthe companies that will present their pitch in different categories depending on ticket size and whether they are listed or not.

Group AB

Absolent Group supplies a wide range of air filtration solutions providing and maintaining clean air in workshops, manufacturing facilities and commercial kitchens worldwide.  Absolent Group is a fast growing, fast paced company with an inspiring journey ahead. We have historically delivered margins far above the industry average and outpaced the market through strong organic growth and acquisitions.

CaCharge AB

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Greater Than 

Greater Than is an award-winning Insurtech company providing AI-based predictive risk insights and full-service apps helping global insurance carriers and the new mobility with better pricing of premiums, smart customer retention and decreased C02 emissions.

Sensative AB

Sensative provides solutions for the digitalization of cities, buildings and utility companies. Our multi-party network platform for IoT and digitalization connects users and service providers with all devices and data to provide more sustainable digital services

Againity AB

Againity turns waste into value. We generate electricity from different types of waste products, including industrial waste heat, household waste, landfill gas and forestry waste. Our technology is based on our patented ORC turbine system turning low-temperature heat into electricity. We enable the electricity production of our future - small-scale, weather independent and cost-effective.


Cake inspiring towards zero emission, combining excitement, responsibility and transportation, by leading and developing light electric motorcycles.ctric

Katam Technologies AB

Katam Technologies is leading the global transition from traditional forestry to precision forestry. Our SaaS offering increases wood volume growth and production yield, key components for reducing CO2 net emission and improving business for the global forest industry.

Swedish Algae Factory AB

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Alight is the leading Nordic solar-as-a-service company, and currently expanding into a number of European markets.

Epishine AB

Epishine Use ambient or indoor lighting to power IoT sensors and other wireless products with Epishine’s light energy harvesting technology.


Greenbyte serves industry scale owners of wind and solar with a software platform to consolidate data from wind farms, solar plants, production forecasts and electricity prices to help them optimize energy production and operations.

Viking Analytics

Viking Analytics offers a software for industrial companies to harness the power of process data and enable reliable smart applications at scale. I supports you to quickly build, deploy, test and debug machine learning models without needing an army of software engineers.


Azelio specializes in energy storage with a revolutionary technology that makes renewable energy available around the clock. The solution is scalable, sustainable and cost-efficient. Azelio's shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North.

Exeri AB

Exeri Smart Grid Surveillance turns a series of connected wires running on outdated technology into a digital smart grid. Through precise and automatic fault location, determination and preemptive intervention capabilities, grid operators can find and repair outages and other issues in a fraction of the time with less personnel working on each issue - saving time, money, emissions and lives.


Renewcell We make fashion sustainable

Whywaste AB

Whywaste offers digital solutions that make it profitable for food retailers to reduce waste.