Program 2021

February 11th 2021

Opening of Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day 2021

HRH Prince Daniel of Sweden
The role of entrepreneurship in the green economy and investor responsibility to Support green companies in all stages.
Movie: Sara Friberg/Kungl. Hovstaterna

Mrs Darja Isaksson, Director General, Vinnova and
Mr Robert Andrén, Director General, Swedish Energy Agency

Keynote speaker:
Mr Richard Youngman, CEO, Cleantech Group
Investment megatrends and key technologies – an overview of global and and European Investments in Greentech and what megatrends that are leading the development. Last: future Outlook: what are the trends/technologies coming? ​

Keynote Spekaer:
Mr Daniel Mes, European Commission
An overview of the European Green deal and what implication it will have for European Greentech private sector investments. ​


Keynote Speaker:
Mrs Angela Wilkinson, CEO and Secretary General, World Energy Council
The energy trilemma index. Review of the index and how to create the right conditions for global energy transition.

Keynote speaker:
Mr Andreas Kuhlmann, Chief Executive, DENA
An overview of learnings in innovation and also how to rapidly scale up startups to reach energy transition faster. DENA has a program called Startup energy transition, a global startup and scale up Accelerator for energy innovation companies

Keynote speaker:
Mr Gaëtan Bonhomme, Breakthrough Energy Ventures Europe
Mr Bonhomme outlines the BEV take on breakthrough technologies and what possibilities/methods they see for extremely rapid roll-out/commerzialisation of technologies. How should investors think about megatrends in technologies?

Panel Discussion:
Mr Gaëtan Bonhomme BEV, mr Magnus Brandberg Gullspång Invest, mr Edgeir Vårdal Aksnes, Tibber, mr Robert Andrén Swedish Energy Agency, Dr Angela Wilkinson, World Energy Council and Tobias Björnhov, Corebon.
How do we gamechange the transition to a green economy and what are the most important, Factors for a rapid roll-out/building


Company Presentations
Category A (listed and unlisted companies with a turnover of more than 100 million)
Category B (companies with a turnover of 25-100 million)
Category C (companies with a turnover of 10-25 million)
Category D (companies in the early phase with sales of 5-10 million)

Category A
13:00 Intro - Part 1
13:02 Corebon
13:15 Cell Impact
13:28 Matsmart
13:41 Absolent

13:52 Break

14:00 Part 2
14:00 Azelio
14:13 Comsys
14:26 Svea Solar
14:39 Greater Than

Category B
13:00 Intro - Part 1
13:02 C Green
13:15 Green Byte
13:28 CorPower Ocean
13:41 Alight/Eneo

13:52 Coffee break

14:00 Part 2
14:00 Renewcell
14:13 Againity
14:26 Cake
14:39 Scandinavian Centriair

Category C
13:00 Intro - Part 1
13:02 Swedish Algae Factory
13:15 Univrses
13:28 Trine
13:41 Position Green

13:52 Break

14:00 Part 2
14:00 WRSD
14:13 CaCharge
14:26 Sensative
14:39 SweGaN

Category D
13:00 Into - Part 1
13:02 Epishine
13:15 Katam
13:28 Viking Analytics
13:41 Spotscale

13:52 Break

14:00 Part 2
14:00 Graphmatech
14:13 Mimbly
14:26 WhyWaste
14:39 Exeri

15:00-16:00 Webinar at Mainstage - "Förbered vägen till börsen"
Mr Nicklas Holmberg, Nasdaq, Mr Jacob Nyberg, Wideco, Mr Matti Vikkula, Scandinavien Biogas Fuels International AB. Moderator Mrs Lisa Lönner, Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day

Matchmaking companies and investors